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Potbelly Sandwich Shop now treats all its customers with free food just for taking a small and easy Customer Satisfaction Survey. As soon as you submit the Potbellylistens survey, you get a validation code for your next visit to the Potbelly shop.

Have you recently paid a visit to Potbelly Sandwich Shop and you feel like appreciating them for their remarkable food quality or want to give your feedback regarding some changes you want to see in their menu or their services? Well, here is a chance to get your word out to the corporation by submitting a simple Potbelly Customer Satisfaction Survey. Not only that, but you can also win a validation code that you can redeem at your next visit to any Potbelly store.

Shake Shack Feedback Survey

For every business out there, it is much more important to retain their customers while satisfying their needs than simply conducting their sales. So Potbelly Sandwich Shop came up with a survey as a key to keep their customers engaged and ensure them the best food and relaxing environment to have their meals. This survey not only shows brand loyalty

towards its customers but also a gives a remarkable rise in the sales of their products.

Potbellylistens Survey Requirements

Before requesting a validation code, you must go through some rules to check if you are eligible to take the survey or not. Here are the rules and eligibility criteria.

  • The survey is only available online so you must have access to an internet connection and a PC, laptop, or smartphone in order to access the survey.
  • A sales receipt of your order at Potbelly Sandwich Store.
  • The survey must be submitted within 72 hours from the issued date and time of the sales receipt.
  • You don’t necessarily need to order from Potbelly
  • Sandwich, you can just get the access code for the survey by sending them an email for the code.
  • Only those people who live in the USA are eligible to take the survey.
  • Individuals younger than 18 years are not allowed to apply.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish is necessary for the survey.
  • Only one person per household can apply for free coupons.
  • Potbelly Staff and their family members cannot participate in the survey.
  • Customers can not request a change in the reward. They are accepted as announced.
  • The reward cannot be transferred to any other person.
  • You have to use the coupon code within 45 days. After that, it expires and the company will not be responsible for it.

How to enter the survey?

If you have read the rules for taking the survey, then you are good to go.

  • Start by going to www.potbellylistens.com
  • There you have to enter the 20-digit survey code available on your sales receipt.
  • You have the option of selecting the language of the Select English or Spanish.
  • Now click “Start” to get the actual survey.
  • After that, select your order type from the given options, along with the date and time of your visit, and hit “Next”
  • Here, you will rate your experience at Potbelly Sandwich Shop on a level
  • Then you will have to answer some other questions related to your last visit, answer all these questions honestly in order to help them fix any troubles you are facing.
  • Click “Next” to submit the survey.
  • At this point, you will get the free coupon code that you can redeem at any Potbelly outlet

Potbellylistens Coupons

You can earn potbellylistens coupons codes quite easily by taking feedback surveys for Potbelly Corporation. Once you submit the survey as mentioned above, you will be redirected to a page where you will get a link, you have to click this link to get a free coupon code. You can use this code to get a discount on your next order at any Potbelly shop.

What is Potbelly?

Potbelly Sandwich Shop is a public restaurant food chain founded in Illinois, the United States by Peter Hastings and Bryant Keil in January 1977. The Potbelly Corporation deals with submarine sandwiches and various other edibles in the US, UK, UAE, Canada, and Kuwait. As of now, the company’s CEO is Robert D. Wright and the number of employees was more than 6000 till the end of the year 2019.


Here, we have provided all the basic information, rules, and instructions that you need to submit the Potbellylistens feedback survey. Not only that, you can successfully get a validation code to get a free meal at Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Hope this helps you in taking your survey. In case if you need any help regarding this information, feel free to comment below. We will get back to you shortly.

For further queries please contact Potbelly Corporation helpline number (312) 951-0600

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