Win Gift Cards For Free – Easy And Simple Steps (2019)

Free Gift voucher 2019Gift cards are a good way to shop on a budget. With a gift card, you can easily make big purchases without having to worry about your credit or bank statement. Here are a few ways you can win gift cards for free.

Win Gift Card from Tesco

Tesco customers are in luck as Tesco gives them the chance to win a FREE gift card on completion of a customer satisfaction survey. If you are 18 years or above and living in the UK, you can visit the survey website Tescoviews and fill out the questionnaire in order to win a gift card worth £1000 and 25 clubcard points. You don’t have to purchase anything from Tesco before availing this amazing offer.

Win Gift Card from Morrisons

Morrisons also gives its customers a £1000 gift card reward on completion of a customer satisfaction survey. You can complete this survey online to avail this opportunity by logging into the Morrisons survey website and filling out their questionnaire.

Win Gift Card from Walmart

Walmart is currently holding sweepstakes for customers. Winners will be able to get 1 Walmart gift card worth CDN$1000. There are a total of 36 gift card that can be won. To enter the sweepstake, you can either complete the walmart online survey, or mail-in your entry. To enter the contest online, visit the survey website and enter the required information.

Win Gift Card from Target

Target gives it’s customers the chance to win $1500 gift card by entering a sweepstake online. The purpose of this contest is to get guest satisfaction feedback. In order to avail the chance to win a gift card from Target you need a valid purchase from the last 7 days. With the information on your receipt at hand, simply visit the inform target survey website and fill out the form.

Win Gift Card from Stop and Shop

Every month, Stop and Shop offers customers the opportunity to enter a sweepstake draw to win 1 of 10 FREE gift cards worth $500. There is no purchase requirement for this lucky draw, so anybody can enter it. Visit the stop and shop feedback website, enter details into the questionnaire and receive your entry confirmation.

Win Gift Card from Hardees

Hardees also has a customer satisfaction survey that gives customers the opportunity to win a $1000 gift card valid for up to 30 days. US citizens over the age of 18 can avail this offer if they have purchased a meal within the last 7 days. Just log on to the tellhappystar survey website , enter the information from the receipt from your last visit to Hardees and win your gift card.