Chance to win $500 from Original Mattress Factory

Have you recently purchased from Original Mattress Factory? If yes, then don’t miss your golden chance to take the Original Mattress Factory Feedback Survey.

Original Mattress Factory Survey

The company introduced an online survey to get insights into what their customers like and what are their demands. So they came up with this survey that any customer can fill online and get their feedback recorded. Then the company uses this information to improve the quality of their products, services, and their overall system. They also acknowledge their customers for their valued feedback by offering them discount coupons for free.

Every time you take the Original Mattress Factory Survey, you are giving the company a chance to get an in-depth view. How are they functioning? What areas do they need to consider to make necessary improvements? What are the specific requirements of their customers? Are they providing a satisfactory experience to their customers? So, as soon as you submit the survey, the company rewards you with a gift card worth $500 for your valued time and feedback.

For each one of your purchases, you are offered a chance to win free gift cards worth $500. You just have to complete the easy survey to enter the sweepstakes. We will take you through a complete guideline on this feedback survey. Given below are its requirements, and step by step instructions to fill the survey.


There are certain requirements to take this survey and enter the sweepstakes. Let’s have a look at all these requirements.

  • The survey is online so you must have an internet connection. You will also require a computer, smartphone, or a laptop to take the survey
  • The survey is only available in English, so you must be able to read and as well as write it.
  • You must have the latest purchase receipt in hand.
  • You need to be a lawful resident of the United States or the District of Columbia.
  • The minimum age to fill the survey is 18 years
  • Only one entry for a single receipt is allowed to get the coupon.
  • All the staff of original mattress factors and their family members are not eligible for the customer satisfaction survey
  • The offer cannot be exchanged with something else and it will not be transferred in any way
  • A valid email id and invoice number are necessary to participate in the survey


After checking the requirements of taking the survey, you are ready to fill it. Here are some instructions that you need to go through to understand everything clearly.

  • To get started, visit, in your browser.
  • Before requesting the survey, make sure that you have read the rules for the customer satisfaction survey reward.
  • You need to provide your email address, full name, your age, gender, and the invoice number on the sales receipt
  • Then by default, you will go directly to a quick survey.
  • You will get some general questions regarding your last experience at the original mattress factory. You have to answer those questions on the basis of your satisfaction level from satisfied to dissatisfied.
  • If you want any kind of improvement in the company’s services then you should provide sincere and honest answers.
  • It will hardly take 2-5 minutes to complete the survey. Submit the survey immediately.
  • Upon the completion of the survey, you will get a coupon code. You can use for a discount on your next visit to the original mattress factory

Feedback Survey Reward

For each purchase at Original Mattress Factory, you will get a coupon code to win a $500 gift card. You can use this card on your next purchase at any of its stores.

A draw will announce the winner at the end of every quarter. The company will contact the chosen winners on their provided information to inform them about the results.

The reward for the feedback survey will not change at any cost. So make sure to check your receipt in order to avoid any inconvenience.

What is Original Mattress Factory?

The original mattress factory was initially formed in Cleveland, Ohio by 3 people, Ron Trzcinski, Perry Doermann, and Larry Carlson. This was the first-ever Mattress Company with a firm base and strong values in the business industry. As of now, the company is touching the skies with more than 400 employees. Also, they have expanded their services by installing 100 showrooms and 11 factories everywhere in America.

The company offers its customers total transparency by giving them free access to their factory so that they can see how they make these mattresses, especially for their comfort. This shows their commitment and loyalty towards their customers. That is the reason that this company is largely influencing the American business industry.



Hopefully, this article will help to take the Original Mattress Factory Survey and help you win the sweepstakes reward.

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