Mybkexperience – Free Whooper or Sandwiches for filling the survey!

Mybkexperience is a short customer satisfaction survey regarding your recent experience to Burger King outlet. Now you can get a Whooper, Sandwich or Croissan’wich for FREE, just by filling a short survey. This survey is easily available on the internet for every customer above 18 years of age. They offer their customers to record their feedback and get free meal at any branch of Burger King.

How to get mybkexperience Survey:

  • Once you get the receipt after making a purchase at Burger King. You must make a search request in order to get a validation code i.e., the invitation ad survey ID code.
  • This code enables you to get a questionnaire related to the latest experience at Burger King.
  • You must have the receipt so that you can answer questions related to your order, like restaurant code, server name, billing amount, etc.
  • You will be provided with the branch code afterwards.
  • This branch code will be used to get the survey.

Eligibility Criteria for mybkexperience

  • Internet access is required to take the survey. It can only be completed using smart phones or laptops/PCs.
  • You have to set the language as English, Spanish or French. Anyone who does not have a basic understanding of these three languages will not be able to fill out the questionable entities in the survey.
  • You must have a receipt with you for your recent order.
  • Only one person is eligible to use the survey code for on a single receipt of the purchase.
  • You have to use the code within 30 days of your purchase. After 30 days, the code expires.
  • A person must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
  • Now you are good to go.

How to submit mybkexperience Survey:

  • Go to the Official Portal of Burger King
  • Select language from the either three Languages; English, Spanish or French.
  • Official page will show sample receipt for reference
  • Fill in the restaurant number and receipt number on purchase receipt.
  • Click on the next page.
  • Now enter the 20-digit survey code provided to you at your receipt.
  • Now click start survey and answer the given questions on the basis of your latest experience with them.
  • Once you complete the survey successfully, you will be given a free coupon.
  • You can redeem this code at any Burger king restaurant to get a free whooper of a chicken sandwich on your next visit.

What is Burger King?

Burger Kind is America’s one of the biggest fast food chain of burgers with more than 12,000 branches worldwide and over 11 billion people visiting them every day. The company started off as Insta-Burger King in Jacksonville, in 1953. The following year, this branch had to face financial crises, so its other two branches based in Miami purchased it and later emerged as “Burger King”

Why Burger King uses mybkexperience?

It is an ideal approach to get to know your customer and record their feedback. With this valued feedback, the company finds out their weak areas and gets a chance to improve their services. A person can give their honest opinion about the latest visit to any one of the Burger King branches and on your next visit you can claim a free drink or some fries just by filling a simple survey.

Purpose of mybkexperience Survey

This is an unusual step to call out customer to express brand loyalty to them, customers get a chance to express their views regarding the latest experience with Burger King. Their customers point out their weak points through this survey. They try to fix the problems reals soon, ensuring good taste, food quality and temperature, friendly staff creating a friendly environment. Above all, they offer customer satisfaction by applying different strategies to the people, one of them being mybkexperience. They appreciate that you took out some time to fill in the survey and in return, they reward you with free meals.

mybkexperience Complaint:

You can also register your complaint regarding the food taste, unprofessional staff or poor hygienic condition of the restaurant at customer care number1-866-394-2493. They respond to every complaint real soon so that the customers feel entitles and comfortable on their next visit.


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